Stereolithography (SLA)

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SLA capabilities

Maximum build size145 × 145 × 175 mm (5.7" x 5.7" x 6.8")
Standard lead time4 business days
Dimensional accuracy± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.15 mm (± 0.006")
Layer height25-100 um

Available materials for SLA

Below is a list of our standard materials for SLA 3D printing. To instantly compare material prices, upload your parts to our online platform.

Formlabs Standard Resin Matte surface finish and high detail, available in Gray, Black and White.
Formlabs Grey Pro Resin Offers high precision, moderate elongation, and low creep. This material is great for concept modeling and functional prototyping, especially for parts that will be handled repeatedly.
Formlabs Clear ResinGreat for fluidics and moldmaking, optics, lighting, and any parts requiring translucency or showcasing internal features. Has a semi-transparent appearance
Formlabs Durable resinReinforced with glass to offer very high stiffness and a polished finish.
Formlabs High Temp resin Has high stiffness and excellent temperature resistance.
Formlabs Flexible resin80-85A Shore hardness material for more rigid flexible parts with a matte-black soft-touch finish.
Formlabs Tough resinHas properties of ABS and produces parts with improved mechanical properties compared to other resins. Can be used for functional parts.
Formlabs Rigid resin 4KReinforced with glass to offer very high stiffness and a polished finish. This material is highly resistant to deformation over time and is great for printing thin walls and features.
Accura 60Produces rigid and strong parts with the aesthetics of molded polycarbonate (PC).
Accura Xtreme White 200Accura Xtreme 200 is an ultra-tough white acrylate-based plastic with excellent strength, durability, surface finish, and dimensional accuracy.
Accura 25Accurate and flexible plastic ideal for snap fit assemblies, master patterns for vacuum casting and durable functional prototypes with the aesthetics of molded polypropylene (PP).

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Our SLA manufacturing standards

We manufacture your parts according to strict manufacturing standards. Verification of these requirements is included in our inspection report that is shipped with every order.

  • A dimensional accuracy of ± 0.5% with a lower limit of ± 0.15 mm (± 0.006")
  • Parts are fully cured to material manufacturer specifications before shipping.
  • Hollow sections must be drained of excess resin.
  • All support material is removed and support nibs must are sanded smooth.

Design guidelines for SLA

The table below summarizes the recommended and technically feasible values for the most common features encountered in 3D printed parts.

FeatureRecommended size
Unsupported walls1.0 mm (0.0393'')
Supported walls0.5 mm (0.0197'')
Minimum feature size0.2 mm (0.00787'')
Minimum hole diameter0.5 mm (0.0197'')
Minimum escape hole diameter4.0 mm (0.157'')
Learn more about the process in our Knowledge Base article.

Post processing for SLA

Standard (no additional post-processing)
  • All support material is removed and support nibs are sanded smooth
  • For clear resins, a polishing oil is applied
  • Formlabs materials are cured in a Form Cure using the following settings which follow the official Formlabs "Recommended Cure" settings

Formlabs Cure settings

ResinPost-cure time (mins)Post-cure temperature
Standard clear1560 °C
Standard black3060 °C
Standard white 3060 °C
Standard grey30 60 °C
Tough 20003070 °C
Durable6060 °C
Grey pro1580 °C
High temp12080 °C
Flexible1560 °C
Rigid1580 °C

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