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Our online 3D printing services

At 3DC hub, we have a huge number of 3D printing machines and this helps us deliver services at competitive prices and fast lead teams. We have been working in this field for years and offering online 3D printing services to clients across the world. We have gained unmatched capabilities that help us produce high-quality metal, plastic, and elastomeric parts. We specialize in making 3D parts using rapid, functional, and visual prototyping for both small purposes and industrial use.


3DC Hub is an online 3D printing service provider for industry-leading & customized 3D printing projects. We specialize in offering high-resolution to detailed 3D prints.

At 3DC hub, we can create plastic parts, metal parts, stainless steel parts, and more. Each material requires the use of a different type of print head and additive process. We can print in many colors customizing a plastic part to your exact specifications with a 3D printer.

We have a team of specialists that create customized 3D printing parts for several industries and applications such as aerospace, machinery, automation, manufacturing, medical industry, and artificial intelligence.

The process of online 3D printing include:
  • Creating a digital model - We start by creating a 3D model that can be printed in the desired material.
  • Slicing – We then “slice” the 3D model into hundreds of 2D parts and create tool paths for the printer.
  • Printing – We follow the data from step two to print out 2D layers one at a time to create a physical 3d object. We use quality machines that produce very clean files with high resolution and attention to detail.
  • Finishing – We then apply our finishing process to the parts. We can paint, sand, polish, and more depending on the project requirements.
  • Shipping – Finally, we ship your parts out to you!

Customized 3D Projects By 3DC Hub

Want to boost the appearance, strength, and clarity of 3D printed prototypes and parts. Select from micro-resolution and microfluidic materials, metal plating, sub-machining, and custom finishes such as painting, plain coating, and dealing. We take pride in our work and only sell high-quality machines that are specifically designed for 3D printing products. That way, we can provide the best work to our customers. We can finish parts in many different colors and finishes using our stencil and paint sprayer machines to get the exact look you want.



Automation in 3D printing has changed the process drastically. Before it was a time-consuming job for the operator to get precision shapings but now we have machines that are very fast and accurate. 3DC HUB has a complete line of machines that specialize in precision manufacturing. We have the latest technology and 3d printers that allow us to offer efficient, affordable, and high-quality services to our customers.

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We use industry-standard software like Blender, Solidworks, and Rhino. We also use other tools like Meshmixer for texturing. Our engineers are familiar with the latest 3d printer technologies and have worked with the machines for years.


Standard (no added post-processing)

  • All surfaces must have a uniform visual appearance
  • Support structures are removed
  • Additional support/building material is removed
  • All parts are printed with 3 outlines, a wall thickness of 1.2 mm, or perimeter shells
  • All top & bottom layers must have a minimum thickness of 0.6mm


Standard (no additional post-processing)

  • All support material is removed
  • All support nibs are sanded smooth
  • A polishing oil is applied for clear resins


Standard (no additional post-processing)

  • The unused powder is removed through bead blasting and then by air blasting
  • The Air pressure range is 2 - 5 bar or 29 - 72.5 psi
  • Glass beads with a diameter of 70-110 µm
  • No further post-processing
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